first interplanetary on-line connection

Since the discovery of the Telepets Grampa Gnumsen succeeded, with the aid of the local rites, in making contact with the planet earth. After first first-time upstart difficulties, (theTelepet did not know the exact direction to the earth) and many discussions (whether there is life in the universe beside the organisms on planet Gnum), the telepathic digitized communication with the earth functions today in the gnumest way!!

  • Transmission speed: between 8 and 32 OTDIOCHB (Overgnumswift telepathic digitized interplanetary on-line connection Holo bit)
  • active since: April 1999 (earth date)
  • possible through: Telepets
  • idea: Local rites and Grampa Gnumsen
  • responsible person for contents: Planet Gnum (Markus Mergard)
  • status: active