Hi Folks! Welcome to Planet Gnum

Don't panic, everything will turn out gnum!! You are not alone in the universe! There is intelligent life on other planets (if we overlook the Knorzel)!!

We are the Gnumies and come from Planet Gnum which is located in the middle of the PLEJADS. We and a bunch of our buddies throw a party almost every evening on our planet!

Thanks to the first interplanetary on-line connection we can show you a small part of our world!

On our page you'll get to know over 60 new life-forms, the sanctified prayer cucumber and life in general in our world.

Now go and discover our planet! But caution, it can get really gnum!!!!

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partypeople from our planet

an overview of all terms from the world of Gnumies

The story about the sanctified prayer cucumber.

Contact with the planet earth powered by telepets.