To be able to remember what, where and how everything is happening, here is an overview of all terms from the world of Gnumies:

Bangies: Ability to light up their feet more
Beatlers: Popular and rather spacey band on planet G more
Big book of the validity: Star directory of the universe validity, in which all worth knowing about everything is noted.
Birth ball: Birth container for Gnumies. A rather spacey piece.
Blue marks Outchl: Full of blue marks. more
Boggelor: Have coil-spring legs. more
Borsis: Clacker, which always smells like sulfur. more
Breggel: Absolute total Partyfreaks with genuine party Breggel genes. more
Cavedave: Cave labyrinth in the sleepy mountain Schloegendoeng.
Celin : Bangie with upstart difficulties. more
Coolwriter: Thinks everything's cool and notes it. more
Copicastor: Is in constant metamorphosis and has totally lost the overview of everything. more
Courting Up-Kissers: Court everything and everybody. more
Dancemites: Small dancefreaks, which believe in all kinds of holy vegetables. more
Deejay: Original total party Breggel more
Despair Particle: Are right before despairing. more
Dimmlings: Changes music into light. more
Divaletti: Genuine softies who are always whining. more
Doedelsea: The largest Ocean on planet G. You can't have more ocean whether you like it or not.
Dumbball: Humming Massagestool with lowest intelligence. more
First interplanetary on-line connection: Datatransfer thanks to Telepets. more
Fogmunk: Fully fogs everything. more
Frizzi: Breggelfemale and a Grovellor-crawler. more
Friggie: Deejay's brother and excavator king of the whole planet. more
Furious Knoeterich: Groundlessly aggressive mushroom. more
Gnalli: The one amongst the idiots to constantly put his foot in his mouth. more
Gnibblegnum: Child of Vallygnum and Gnum, and the youngest of the Gnumies on the planet. more
Gnum: 1.name more 2.Description for super, awesome, phat, first class, incredible
Gnum-icon: ~(")~ Internet characters for supergood
Grampa Gnuemsen: Grandpa of Gnum and spacy inventor of the Ugfomha. The oldest one of the Gnumies on the planet. more
Grovellor: Supergood radio animals, which constantly produce music more
G'schft: The choleric ones among the inhabitants of the planet. Inflate strongly when they get upset more
Happy herbies: The most ticklish vegetable in the universe. Laughs constantly. more
High Bonsai Jumping: A type bungee jumping on planet GNPFLGRDFPL. With large party fun factor!
High-speed clones: Ability of the roaring Hooflings to reproduce itself fast.
IQ Particle: Atomicsize particles with contagious intelligence. more
Jacknix: Schizophrenic twobrains with permanent self-discussion. more
Kloengs: Ant-large and always indistinct cucumber trailers. Place themselves often together so they form words. more
Knorzel: Smallest stupidest unit in the universe. more
Knuffelduffel: Cry short, sharp cries screams if they are pushed. more
Languider: The indifference itself. more
Local rites: Circle consisting of 8 trees, which possess gigantic knowledge in their root files. more
Luckynits: brings enormous luck. more
Mountain Schlonkytonky: Tallest and sleepiest mountain on planet G. more
Muffie: Special Jacknix with 4 brains who believes in Cucumber. more
Mysterioumparticle: Is extremely mysterious. more
Naggling: Emancipated mushroom. more
Philosophic Particles: Atomicsize particles, which talk philosophy without end. more
Placebos: Floating herbal freaks. more
Planet Boar: The 8. planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet Fnoergl: The 5. planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet Frrz: The 9. planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet GNPFLGRDFPL: The homeplanet of the Gnumies. Thanks to Gnum, because he saved the planet, GNPFLGRDFPL was renamed to planet GNUM. more
Planet Honky: The 6.planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet Hui: The 1.planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet Knutz: The 10.planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet Schn: The 3.planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet Tonk: The 7.planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet Uiui: The 2.planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Planet 0814+1: The 11.planet of the solar system Retipuj. more
Poundies: An extremely rare magic stone! There are only 8 Poundies per planet. They are laying 2-3 meters underground.
Prebarbecued Pipeling: Simmers slowly. more
P-tatoe: Tatoes gladly with P's more
Rapster: Microphone fish from the Doedelsea. more
Retipuj: Planet system in the constellation of the pleiads, with 11 planets
RiffRaff: Constantly irritable and nagging stone. more
Roaring Hooflings: Crazy mushrooms which possess chemical compounds, which let everyone float. more
Sanctified prayer cucumber: Religious vegetable and idol of the Kloengs. more
Shaky whale: Vacuum energy machine from the Doedelsea. more
Shylies: Violently frightful mushrooms. Frightened of everything and everyone. more
Slimeli: Totally slimy mushroom. more
Snapplies: Biting mushroom. more
Snobs: Arrogant nerds with integrated air cleaner. more
Stage diving: Hobby of the Breggels to dive off the concert stage into the arms of the dancing crowd. High fun factor!
Telepets: Care with great care for a carefree telepathic interplanetary on-line connection. more
Tootherus: Sniff the soil and plow everything more
Trendis: Trendy bus in the trend colors of the season. more
UIFOWHFD: An uncanny ingenious flying object with high frequency drive, developed and built by Grampa Gnumsen.
Universe validity: The universal unity in the universe. more
Uzleboozle: Good-natured and slow, particularly when thinking. more
Vallygnum: Friend of Gnum and mummy of Gnibblegnum. more
Wullawaki: Rampages and loves to dance. more
Yabbings: Shoot plasma balls out of their heads. more

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