Planet Gnüm

It was relatively simple to find. It's the 4th planet in the solar system RETIPUJ located in the center of the PLEJADS.

Because of its unpronouncable name "GNPFLGRDFPL" the residents of the solar system avoided it.
(Really, who wants to say :
"Next week I'm taking a vacation on GNPFLGRDFPL.")

GNPFLGRDFPL is one of these planets that is lazily rotating around their sun and having fun all the time. In the "Big book of validity" it is written:

Wooded planet, perfect position to the sun and fantastic weather !! (Next time pay more attention to name !!!!!!)

Because of a direct mental connection between Gnum and the planet and in memory of Gnum saving the planet from the sanctified prayer Cucumber, GNPFLGRDFPL is now called Planet GNUM.

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Planet Gnum rotate with 10 other planets in solar system Retipuj. All infos about the planets are here.

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